10 Tools We Use as a Digital Marketing Agency

August 9, 2023

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Ever wonder what tools we use as a digital marketing agency? Today, we’re sharing the list of digital tools we use on a daily basis, and honestly, we can’t imagine life without them!

To help you out, we’ve assembled what we consider the best of the best digital marketing tools. These platforms help us with content creation, organization, and more.

Ready to dive in? Here are the digital tools we recommend to all of our readers.


We use Canva to make almost everything we need for social media and email campaigns. Canva Pro provides all the creative tools necessary to create stunning and interactive content. Furthermore, it has a good layout that allows you to organize and share your content easily while you are in the development stage.


Whether you are a one-person show or work in a team, you need to check out Asana! Asana is our go-to tool for organizing all ideas and projects in one place. It’s also great for collaborating with your team or other professionals. You can create boards, workflows, templates, and more to make your system as efficient as possible.

As a marketing agency that does a little bit of everything, we cannot emphasize enough how necessary this tool is! You can keep yourself and your team on track with the smallest and largest tasks. Asana makes it easy to add people to a project or assign tasks as needed.


Need one simple platform to keep all of your professional communication? Slack is the tool you are looking for! This is where we keep all of our team communication organized, from our internal conversations to project management issues to client updates.

Within slack, you can create whatever communications channels your team needs. Team members can access the channels that apply to them, keeping things straightforward and organized. Slack makes it easy to go back and reference previous conversations, as opposed to having multiple communication channels. Everyone here at Freebird prefers a simple channel like Slack over email. It keeps things professional but allows simple, quick communication too.


Flodesk – where should I start?! Flodesk is an email marketing platform with the tools to design your emails, track metrics, and organize your audience members. This platform makes it simple to segment your email list and gauge the success of your email strategy.

Flodesk also has templates and layouts that make it easy to create beautiful, organized emails that still look unique to your brand. Their tools allow you to customize everything as needed. Having a system like Flodesk makes it easy to create and schedule your email content ahead of time. You can also easily create email sequences, such as a “welcome sequence,” to be sent to certain audience segments.
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Google Drive

Google Drive is a great place to store your brand resources and client’s assets. This platform allows us to access resources easily and quickly because of its efficient layout. Additionally, Google Drive makes it easy to share files with others.


Honeybook is a helpful tool when it comes to managing projects for clients. On this platform, you can book clients, sign contracts online, send invoices, accept payments, and manage client relations.

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Are you feeling confident in your SEO practices and keyword research? Whether the answer is yes or no, Semrush is a good platform to add to your toolbelt. We use Semrush for keyword research and topic brainstorming. It is also valuable for viewing metrics like search volume and cost per click.

Semrush can show you the specific topics people are researching within your industry or subject area so you know you aren’t wasting your time on the wrong content ideas. It also aids in developing your keywords.

Adobe Illustrator

As an entrepreneur or content creator, I have no doubt you are familiar with Adobe platforms like Illustrator. Illustrator is a top graphic design platform, allowing a full range of creativity for designing logos, icons, and more! While it does take time and effort to learn how to use Illustrator, the rewards are well worth it.


Website builder and host, Squarespace is a great tool for those desiring a manageable and professional website. We love Squarespace and all it has to offer for non-technie clients who wants a beautiful website without all the coding! Squarespace will also be our recommended platofmr.


Every heard of Flick.tech? This is our go-to platform for hashtag research (which is a MUST if you use hashtags or create social media content at all). Hashtags are still a valuable way to boost your content, but only when they are used properly.

Flick.tech is an easy way to discover if a hashtag is shadow banned and how often it has been used. Both factors are essential when choosing your hashtags.

Well, now you know! These are the tools we use daily as a digital marketing agency. Were any of these platforms new to you?

We know you have a plethora of options out there – hopefully this list can simplify things for you or add to your existing work systems. If you need more advice about the digital marketing world, reach out to us below with your questions!

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