Why You Need a Brand Kit

November 22, 2022

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Benjamin Franklin said, “The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.”

For business owners and entrepreneurs alike, that can encompass a host of things. But our topic for today is a brand kit, one tool of the trade that is vital for all organizations. Before I can convince you that a brand kit is necessary, let’s establish the definitions of “brand” and “brand kit.”

What is a brand and brand kit?

A brand is the unique identity that sets a product, company, or service apart. It is composed of visual elements, messaging, and experiences that define the brand’s values and show customers what to expect. A strong brand can build customer loyalty, increase customer recognition, and add value to a company’s offerings. It is the perception that customers have of a particular company, product, or service, and it influences their buying decisions. A brand can influence customers’ emotions and create a connection with them, making it a valuable asset for any business.

Based on this definition, a brand kit is a tool compiling all the rules of your brand and how to apply them for consistency. It will focus mainly on visuals created according to your company needs and values. A brand kit will collect and organize the necessary elements in a format for easy use by all in the future. The specific elements in your brand kit will depend upon your company’s needs and the professionals assisting you.

What does a brand kit include?

While each brand kit will vary, most include your brand mission statements, logo variations, photography direction, and other visual elements.

It is important to include your mission statement and vision, whether you create the kit yourself or hire a professional. This will provide a foundation for the rest of the brand kit. You can also include your brand’s tagline or any other pertinent phrases.

In today’s social media world, a good brand kit will include photography direction. This should include both a visual and written description of the aesthetic you desire for your photography content across all sites. You will want to give strong descriptors of the desired style and subject type for your photography, including a cohesive collection of example photos.

Most brand kits will display multiple logos, including a primary logo, secondary logo, icon, and monogram. Other important visual elements are your brand’s color pallet and font choices. Ideally, these visual elements will come with brief instructions on where and how to use them.

Again, the idea of a good brand kit is that anyone could study it and understand the practical direction of your content.

Why is it so important to have a brand kit?

1.     Consistency

This is perhaps the most obvious and important reason for having a brand kit. Consistency produces a level of trust among your audience and tells customers what to expect. It also shows them that you are being intentional and organized. While most customers will not be an expert in branding, they pick up on visual details and make judgments accordingly.

For practical reasons, such as communication, you will want to keep your key information the same. Establishing a brand standard at the beginning will set you up for success in the long run. This tool will also make it easier to integrate any new employees or creatives.

2.     Professionalism

Professionalism is a product of consistency. When your brand maintains the same visuals, theme, and mission across all platforms, consumers will trust you know what you’re doing. A sloppy logo or mismatched colors, as simple as they may be, will create a negative first impression that is hard to change.

Whether it is right or wrong, people make assumptions based on visuals. If your brand looks chaotic, consumers will associate that with your organization. In a business setting, visuals and content often do reflect a lot about a company.

That being said, be intentional with how your brand appears and is perceived!

3.     Brand Identity

Having a brand kit will make your company easily recognizable. An eye-catching logo might be one of your best tools, as a great logo is easy to remember. However, it is not easy to create a great logo. This is why you will want to consider hiring professional help when creating essential brand elements.

You also want visuals that intentionally reflect the values of your company. Setting up a brand kit is one way to make sure your company is saying the right things. Plus, it will be that much easier for your audience to recognize your brand if you keep the identity consistent across each platform.

As a business owner, you have a lot of hats to juggle and decisions to make. You want your business to succeed, and everyone out there has an opinion on how exactly you can do that.

However, all the tools and tricks in the world will not save a business built on a poor foundation. Invest in the building blocks of your business. Take the time to create a good brand kit so your business can rest on firm ground.

If you are ready to invest, reach out to Freebird Communications. We design logos, create brand identities, and develop business strategies for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today, and we will give your brand wings to fly.

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